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Lab Grown Diamond & Moissanite Specialist in Adelaide, South Australia

Discover exquisite custom-made and presetting jewellery in Adelaide, South Australia at Diamond Lab. Our renowned jewellery experts specialize in crafting captivating pieces that epitomize elegance and style. Explore our extensive collection of lab-grown diamonds and moissanite gemstones, meticulously sourced for their brilliance and ethical origins. Whether you're searching for an engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, bracelet, or earrings, our exceptional designs will captivate your heart and leave a lasting impression.

Two Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds Adelaide

At Diamond Lab, we pride ourselves on offering an exclusive selection of lab-grown diamonds. Harnessing cutting-edge technology, these ethically cultivated diamonds possess the same exceptional beauty and durability as their mined counterparts. As a leader in sustainable jewellery, we prioritize the environmental and social benefits of lab-grown diamonds. Choose from a range of stunning shapes, including round, princess, cushion, and more, all expertly set in breathtaking designs that symbolize your everlasting love.

Moissanite Adelaide

Experience the mesmerizing allure of moissanite gemstones at Diamond Lab. Coveted for their extraordinary sparkle and fire, moissanite stones rival traditional diamonds in brilliance and durability. Our skilled artisans meticulously craft each moissanite jewellery piece with precision and artistry, ensuring a remarkable reflection of light that will turn heads. Whether you prefer a classic solitaire, a halo setting, or a vintage-inspired design, our extensive collection offers endless possibilities to find the perfect expression of your unique style.

Princess Cut Diamond
Solitaire Ring

Custom Made Jewellery Adelaide

Embrace the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece with our custom-made jewellery services. Our talented designers collaborate closely with you, transforming your vision into a stunning reality. From the initial consultation to the final creation, we strive to exceed your expectations, using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Each custom piece tells a story and is infused with personal meaning, reflecting your individuality and love.

Jewellery Collection Adelaide

If you prefer a ready-to-wear option, our presetting jewellery collection showcases a diverse array of timeless designs. From elegant engagement rings to sophisticated necklaces and glamorous earrings, each piece has been carefully curated to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Our collection is meticulously handcrafted to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship, guaranteeing that your chosen piece will become a cherished heirloom.

Diamond Ring

At Diamond Lab, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service and unparalleled beauty. Explore our website or visit our showroom in Adelaide, South Australia to discover the perfect piece that speaks to your heart. Let us be part of your special moments, as we create jewellery that reflects your love and individuality. Experience the brilliance and artistry of lab-grown diamonds and moissanite gemstones, handcrafted to perfection in every piece of our custom-made and presetting jewellery collection.

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