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Coloured moissanite stones

The Best Quality Coloured Moissanite Stones

Welcome to the captivating realm of colored moissanite stones, brought to you by Diamond Lab. As pioneers in the world of lab-grown diamonds and gemstones, we are excited to showcase a stunning collection that highlights the unrivaled beauty and brilliance of colored moissanite.

With a dedication to excellence and innovation, Diamond Lab presents an exquisite range of colored moissanite stones that redefine elegance and sophistication. Our collection features an array of mesmerizing hues, from deep blues reminiscent of sapphire oceans to vibrant greens that capture the essence of emerald forests. Each of these exceptional gemstones is meticulously crafted using cutting-edge technology, ensuring that every piece exudes the fire and sparkle that moissanite is celebrated for.

Whether you're a connoisseur seeking a distinctive alternative to traditional gemstones or a trendsetter looking to make a statement, our colored moissanite stones offer limitless possibilities. Discover our thoughtfully curated selection and find the perfect gem to adorn your jewelry pieces with brilliance and character.

At Diamond Lab, we recognize that each piece of jewelry tells a unique story, and our colored moissanite stones add a captivating chapter to that tale. Immerse yourself in a world of enchanting colors and extraordinary radiance as we unveil the true enchantment of lab-grown gemstones. Join us in commemorating innovation, beauty, and the timeless allure of colored moissanite.

The Appeal of Colored Moissanite

Moissanite, in its natural form, is known for its dazzling brilliance that often rivals, and sometimes surpasses, that of a diamond. While the classic clear moissanite has its own charm, colored moissanite introduces a fresh and vibrant dimension to this beloved gem, making it increasingly sought after by gem enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike.

Uniqueness & Diversity: One of the primary appeals of colored moissanite is its uniqueness. Every colored stone boasts its own hue, saturation, and tone, making each piece a distinct work of art. This diversity ensures that there is a shade that resonates with everyone, be it a fiery red, a serene blue, or a mysterious green.

Production & Treatment: Colored moissanite is produced through controlled processes that introduce specific trace elements during its growth. For instance, the introduction of certain metals can produce a green or yellow tint. It's a testament to the marvels of modern gemological science. Unlike some gemstones that may undergo heavy treatments which can fade over time or with exposure to light, the color in moissanite is stable and permanent.

Affordability: Colored gemstones, especially the rare hues in diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, can command high prices in the market. Colored moissanite, on the other hand, offers a cost-effective alternative that doesn't compromise on sparkle or durability.

Ethical Advantage: Since moissanite is lab-grown, opting for colored moissanite over mined colored gemstones can be a conscious choice for those concerned about the environmental and ethical implications of mining.

Versatility: Due to its wide range of colors, moissanite can be crafted into various jewelry pieces, from engagement rings to earrings, offering versatility in style and design.

In essence, colored moissanite combines the best of both worlds: the brilliance and hardness of its clear counterpart, with the allure and individuality of colored gemstones. Whether you're searching for a piece that represents a special moment, a birthstone, or simply a gem that aligns with your personal style, colored moissanite offers an array of choices that are as unique as the person wearing them.

Pink moissanite stone from Diamond Lab
Colored Yellow Moissanite Stones

Colors Available

Moissanite has the unique ability to be presented in a spectrum of captivating colors, each resonating with its own charm and allure. While clear moissanite dazzles with its diamond-like appearance, colored variants offer a fresh perspective to the world of gemstones.

  • Classic Clear: The traditional choice, it reflects light brilliantly and is comparable to a diamond in its sparkle.

  • Yellow & Gold: These hues evoke warmth and can range from light champagne to a deep golden.

  • Blue & Green: Ranging from pale aqua shades to deeper oceanic and emerald tones, these colors can be mesmerizing in their depth.

  • Pink & Red: Romantic and passionate, these colors can range from a soft blush to a fiery ruby-like red.

  • Grey & Black: Modern and edgy, these tones offer a contemporary take on gemstone jewelry.

For each color, it might be beneficial to provide high-quality images showcasing the stone in various settings, allowing potential customers to visualize the end product.

Diamond Bracelet

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

In a world increasingly conscious of sustainability and ethics, moissanite stands out as a gemstone that aligns with these values.

  • Eco-friendly Production: Moissanite is lab-grown, which means its creation doesn't involve mining or displacement of earth. This significantly reduces its environmental impact in comparison to traditionally mined gemstones.

  • Conflict-Free: There's a peace of mind in knowing that your gemstone hasn't been a source of conflict or exploitation. Moissanite, being lab-created, bypasses the issues often associated with diamond mining.

  • Resource Efficiency: The process of growing moissanite in labs uses a fraction of the resources needed for mining operations, making it a more sustainable choice.

  • Transparency and Traceability: With moissanite, you can trace back its origin, ensuring you know exactly where and how your gemstone was produced.

grey moissanite from Diamond Lab
moissanite jewellery from Diamond Lab

Setting Recommendations

The setting plays a pivotal role in enhancing the beauty of colored moissanite. Here are some recommendations tailored to make the most of this radiant gemstone:

  • Solitaire Settings: For a classic and timeless look, especially for engagement rings, solitaire settings allow the moissanite to take center stage.

  • Halo Settings: Surrounding colored moissanite with a halo of clear moissanite or diamonds can enhance its color and provide a luxurious look.

  • Vintage Settings: Intricate details and milgrain work can accentuate the romantic hues of pink or red moissanite.

  • Modern Settings: Sleek, contemporary designs can complement the edginess of grey or black moissanite.

  • Metal Choices: The choice of metal can amplify the color of moissanite. For instance, rose gold can enhance the warmth of yellow moissanite, while white gold or platinum can heighten the coolness of blue moissanite.


  • How does the brilliance of colored moissanite compare to other gemstones? Answer: Colored moissanite possesses a unique refractive index that gives it exceptional brilliance, often surpassing many other colored gemstones.

  • Does the color of moissanite fade over time or with exposure to sunlight? Answer: No, the color in moissanite is stable and won't fade over time, even with regular exposure to sunlight.

  • How does moissanite's hardness compare to other gemstones? Answer: Moissanite ranks 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making it one of the hardest known gemstones, second only to diamonds.

  • Can colored moissanite be used for engagement rings? Answer: Absolutely! Its durability, combined with its ethical and sustainable origins, makes colored moissanite a perfect choice for engagement rings.

  • Is moissanite resistant to everyday wear and tear? Answer: Yes, due to its high ranking on the Mohs scale, moissanite is resistant to scratches and suitable for daily wear.

Colours of Moissanite Stones