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Diamond Lab™ Certificate Of Authenticity

The Diamond Lab™ gemstone warranty covers all Diamond Lab™ Moissanites sold by Diamond Lab™ and is outlined below and is also included with your Diamond Lab™ Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty documentation.

Gemstones from 6.5mm and up come with a printed Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty document. All other smaller Diamond Lab™ Moissanitesare automatically included and covered under the same Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty terms and conditions.

Diamond Lab™ Warranty


Diamond Lab Moissanite™ assures you that your gemstone's optical properties will remain unchanged for a lifetime. These properties encompass the gemstone's fire, lustre, brilliance, as well as its color and clarity.

In the rare event that any alterations to these optical properties occur, we encourage you to contact us promptly. We are committed to taking the necessary measures to address and rectify any such issues.

It's important to note that this warranty extends to the original purchaser of the gemstone and is fully transferable to any new owner, at no extra cost. To facilitate this transfer, we kindly request that you notify us via email with the new owner's details.


Please be aware that this warranty does not cover cases of disappearance, loss, or theft.

Furthermore, Diamond Lab Moissanite™ does not endorse or support any third-party alterations or treatments performed on Diamond Lab™ gemstones. These processes may have temporary effects and could potentially diminish the gemstone's durability and value. Consequently, any third-party alterations or treatments will void the Diamond Lab Moissanite™ Lifetime Warranty and the associated Certificate of Authenticity.

Additionally, it's important to note that this warranty does not cover instances of chipping, breaking, scratching, abrasions, or any damage to the gemstone resulting from misuse or abuse.

Princess Cut Diamond

Certificate Of Authenticity For Diamond Lab™ Moissanite

Our Commitment to Excellence:

At Diamond Lab Moissanite™, we are dedicated to delivering ethically sourced gemstones that endure a lifetime. A pivotal part of our commitment is to provide an unparalleled customer experience by offering Moissanite gemstones that consistently exceed expectations.

For your assurance, every Diamons Lab™ moissanites sized 6.5mm and larger is accompanied by a printed Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty, ensuring that you can enjoy your Moissanite with unwavering confidence.

To confirm the authenticity of your Diamons Lab™ moissanites purchased from Diamond Lab™, please follow these steps:

  • Utilize a magnification of 10x or higher to examine the girdle of your Diamons Lab™ moissanite measuring 6.5mm and above.

  • You will discover a laser inscription featuring the unique serial number.

  • This serial number is securely recorded within our internal systems and can be verified and confirmed by contacting us at any time.

By following these steps, you can rest assured that you possess a genuine Diamons Lab™ gemstone that will bring you a lifetime of joy and satisfaction.

Please note that the Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty does not serve as a valuation, an implied monetary appraisal, or an offer to repurchase the gemstone.

The terms and conditions of the Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty published on our official website will prevail. If there are variations between the terms on our website and those contained in the physical Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty document provided with the gemstone, the conditions on our website take precedence.

We retain the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty at our sole discretion. Any alterations to the warranty will be promptly posted on our website.

Clarification of a limited warranty: Please understand that no warranty can be truly unlimited. Our warranty is restricted to one of the following remedies, as determined solely by us: Repair or replacement of an equivalent Diamons Lab™ moissanite, or a refund as outlined in the warranty section on our website. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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